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Flamecrusher Suits


Hutchens Head & Neck Restraints

Satisfied Customers

"Suit is truely awesome. Didn't even register that I was wearing it when driving"

"The suit arrived today and I'm more than happy with it. The suit has come up so cool, I really like it. The size has worked out perfect, thank you very much. Thanks for all the help and time. You made it so easy for me. I'm really happy with the result. I will recommend you guys to everyone"

"I would have no issues with a testimonial for your gear, but I would think that its reputation speaks for itself already" 

Team Great Britain

I would like to thank all at Flamecrusher for designing the unique racesuits for the British Lions Superstocks team.
Since Team GB entered the TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIPS we have prided ourselves on appearance, from the race cars, to crew members, and now due to the expertise of Flamecrusher the British drivers are noticable in their specialist made, high quality racesuits.
When arranging different aspects of the Team GB NZ tour, things aren't always that easy to organise when you are 12,000 miles away, but Bernie and Kerri-anne made the whole process so easy.
We would recomend Flamecrusher to anyone who wants a quality product and 1st class professional serivce





Triple X Motorsport

While always mindful of supporting New Zealand industry, Triple X Motorsport has selected Flamecrusher to provide overalls to all their team drivers for more than just their superior specifications. Equally, their tailor service has provided each driver with a perfect fit whilst incorporating a smart and stylish look to showcase team sponsors.

David Reynolds: "To arrive late for the 2009/10 New Zealand Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, I was pleased to climb in to Flamecrusher’s overalls and find they fitted right."

Craig Baird: "You know I’m fussy when it comes to appearance, so for the Flamecrusher overalls to not only fit properly both in and outside the car, to have them looking right with the sponsors names is just as important to me."


Reapa Racing

Upon ripping the bag open to have a look at the suit for the first time, I was absolutely taken aback with what I saw.
I would like to congratulate yourself and your team for the efforts and superb job which has been done on our race suit.
Your assistance has been brilliant and persistance with my changes very patient.
Please note I will recommend your company in the future if anyone is ever looking for a race suit.
I can not thank yourself and your team enough for a job well done.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Subaru Motorsport (Australia)

Subaru Rally Team won ten consecutive Australian Rally Championships with Possum Bourne and Cody Crocker. Championships in Motorsport are won through the pursuit of excellence at every level. Safety was, and is, paramount in our planning. When it came to selecting driving suits we couldn’t compromise either.

FLAMECRUSHER was part of our winning team then, and they still are in all our Motorsport activities today.


Bob McMurray - A1 Team NZL

“A1 Team.NZL used FLAMECRUSHER fireproof overalls for our drivers and mechanics in both the inaugural season of A1GP, The World Cup of Motorsport and the 2006 / ‘07 second season.

The performance of the suits and the service that we received from the factory was exceptional.

The suits were well made and produced both on time and to our exact specifications.

We would like to thank FLAMECRUSHER for their cooperation over the last two seasons.”


PO Box 959
New Zealand


Simon McNamara - General Manager Holden Motorsport (Australia)

“Flamecrusher supplied the driver’s suits for both of our Holden teams in the Bathurst 12 Hour race.
The design and colors required were unique. Flamecrusher went the extra mile to provide what we wanted. The suits were delivered on time, the quality and fit of the suits was excellent. I will use Flamecrusher again for our next suit order.”

Simon McNamara
General Manager – Motorsport
Holden Australia


Subaru Melbourne

Thank you all for your efforts and service, with time of delivery and quality of product and fitment.

Vin Macaro


Cowling Bros.

The suit is great and fits nicely.
Thanks for all your help

Steve Cowling


Rick Skinner, 3 Time World Karting Association National Series Champion USA

Info: 2BKool Garments and Racing
In July of 2005, I was lucky to be given a chance to test some new technology introduced to racing called Micro Phase Change Material. This material was in the form of undergarments designed to keep the driver cooler. I wore the undergarments.

Before I tell you my opinion on the garments, I first have to tell you a little about the racing I do.

In my racing career I’ve raced ARCA/Winston Cup style cars, on oval tracks like Atlanta, Pocono, Charlotte, and Talladega. Temperatures inside the cars reach 150 degrees! I still race high speed racing karts that have top speeds of over 160mph, on road courses like Road Atlanta, Charlotte, Brainard, Daytona,etc. Now the problem with racing road courses with as many as 18 turns for 45 minute races, having no suspension, wearing a heavy thick fabric driver’s suit designed to protect you from asphalt contact, is physical exhaustion due to high body heat. During a race you expend virtually all your energy through the physical effort of steering, braking, and repositioning your body in every corner. In addition, the mental work is equally energy sapping! After all, it’s a really frightening and dangerous sport, there is no time to relax, and you must concentrate every second, convincing yourself to do what 99.999% of the rest of the world thinks is crazy! So maybe this is where the term “hot under the collar” comes from.
The last part of the race your body is so hot that many times you lose concentration, have leg and arm cramps, and you just want to quit, but you can’t, cause you’re a racer! This is the time most accidents and crashes occur. Now if you’re cooler than the other guy, you’ll be racing better, all other things being equal. And you’ll be winning more!

Well, I wore the undergarments. It was 92 degrees. The racetrack was Summit Point, W.Va. I was considerably cooler than in the past. I never got exhausted and felt comfortable. It seemed like it was a day of 80 degrees. I’ve worn the garments every race since, and have loaned them to some of my competitors! They don’t want to give them back! I also used them all summer while playing golf. I believe that the MPC material gives you the benefit of comfort and the benefit of safety. Someday, although you’ll never know, somebody is going to be alive because they didn’t make some stupid driving mistake due to poor concentration - due to heat exhaustion.

Thanks for the gear, by the way, I won that race and the WKC Championship for 2005!

Hmmm, Maybe this stuff really does make you go faster!


Michael Pickens 

Endorsement for the Hutchens Hybrid Pro:
"The 'Hybrid Pro' is by far the best 'head and neck restraint' device I have worn, with a free range of head movement and no bruising to my coller bone area I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting the best!"

Hayden Webster - Stock Car 11H

Endorsement for the Simpson Hybrid Pro
"Thanks for selling me the Hybdrid Pro Head and Neck restraint. I wore it for the first time last weekend. I was put up the wall in one race and then hit broadside when stationary. I had no neck pain at all after the incident. I definately feel a lot safer when racing now and my results have improved as I am not worried as much about injury. I am telling all of my friends and competitors about the Hybrid Pro". 
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