Online Shopping Guide

Flamecrusher's online shopping system is easy to use, and a very quick and effective method of ordering parts and gear, without any hassle. The following is a guide designed to help people who are unfamiliar with Online Shopping to get the most of their experience on our website.

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Direct Credit (Online Banking)
  • Cheque

Your Online Saftey:
We understand that some people are hesitant to do their online shopping as a matter of safety, so we have created our website with this in mind. Your personal details are encrypted and stored on our secure servers, and we use a reputed third party Credit Card processing company (DPS), so that you know your credit card details will be safe. (TradeMe uses DPS as their Credit Card processor too). We don't store credit card details on our system, at all, in order to protect you.

With this in mind, some people still find typing their credit card details into a computer slightly dubious. So if you want to pay by credit card without the worries of doing it online, you are able to call us and give us the details over the phone and we will process the payment manually.

Using our Shopping Cart:
When you see a product that you like, just click the "Add to Cart" button beside it. You are free to play around with what's in your cart as much as you like, so don't be hesitant to add to your cart anything you might be interested in... you can always take it out later.

A summary of your cart's current contents is shown on the left in the "Online Shopping" box. It keeps a running total of the number of items in your cart, and the total price.
To see your shopping cart in full, click "View Cart" in the Online Shopping box on the left.

When you are satisfied that you have everything that you want in your shopping cart, and would like to begin the checkout process, click "Checkout", either in the Online Shopping box, or at the bottom of your shopping cart on the Cart page. The website will then ask you to log in, or register.

Logging on:
To log on (i.e. to check the status of a previous order), click View Account. If you are checking out a shopping cart, you will automatically be taken to our login page.
If you are a first time user, you will need to register, otherwise you can login using your email address and password. (If you have forgotten your password,we will send it to your email address. Just you click the "Forgot Password" link, underneath the logon area)

If you have previously registered for our Newsletter, then you will already be in our system and won't need to register from scratch. You can use the login feature, however you will need to retreive the password that was randomly assigned to your account by clicking the "Forgot Password" link. This will email your password to you. You can then change this password once you have logged on if you so desire.

Contact Details:
If it is your first time using our website, you will need to fill in your contact details. This will be the address that we will post your purchase to. Your contact details are to help us get in touch with you in the case that there is a problem with your order.

Here you also select your preferred method of payment (Shown above).

The Checkout Process:
Step One is filling in your contact details, as above.
Step Two is to select your preferred method of delivery. The delivery rates shown are based on your location and the size of your purchase. Here you can also add any extra delivery instructions or comments.
Step Three is to review your order, and make sure that we have all your details correct, as well as the details for your order. Please click the "Go Back" button if anything needs correcting, otherwise you can click the Payment button.
Step Four varies, depending on your payment method. If you are paying by credit card you will be taken to our credit card processors website. If you are paying by any other method, you will receive confirmation of your order, as well as payment instructions.

Checking up on your order:
If you have placed an order on our website, you can log back on any time to check the status of your order (such as Paid, Shipped, Complete etc.) Just log on using the method above, and your order will be shown. Click on the order for further details.
If you have any questions about your order, don't hesitate to contact us.

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