Race Suits

There are four main types of fabrics used to make driver's suits:

  • Nomex
  • Carbonx
  • Wool
  • Proban/Indura (Treated Cotton)

The first three of these are naturally fire resistant, self-extinguishing, and are very durable products.
Proban/Indura is merely cotton fabric that has been treated with a fire inhibitor
If Proban/Indura is cleaned with normal washing detergents, the harshness of modern detergents will remove the fire inhibitor from the fabric after only a few washes.


Most, if not all, cheaper Single and Double layer suits are made of Proban or a similar product. We recommend that you never buy a suit made of treated cotton (Proban etc) as after a few washes, when the fire inhibitor has been washed out, the overalls will burn easily and offer no protection against fire at all.
As Flamecrusher does not support the use of treated cotton suits, we only use Nomex and Wool based fabrics, both of which are inherantly fire-retardant and will self-extinguish in a fire. (Watch the video to the right to see examples of different suits burning in a fire)

Burns are not only caused by a flame - heat transfer will burn as badly as a naked flame, and is the primary cause of burn injuries in Motorsport.
Insulation, or fabric thickness, is the best way to protect against heat transfer - the more layers you have, the safer you will be.
The graph below shows how much protection various types of suits (and testing standards) will give you before you receive second degree burns.

(Keep in mind that it takes, on average, 9 seconds to get out of your vehicle from the moment you decide to exit it)


(Please click on the graph to enlarge)

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