Race Seats

The safety importance of seats is commonly overlooked.

  • The best way to minimise the risk of spinal injury is to keep the spine in line.
  • Ultra light seats do not control or support the human body during impact. They regularly deform, twist, or tear away from the mounts.
  • Double skin aluminium seats have proven to be the safest to date.
  • Seats must fit a driver snugly at the pelvis, chest, shoulders and head.
  • It is essential to have a structurally strong seat.
  • Head and shoulder supports are also essential.
  • The correct type of energy absorption material is also essential in seats and on Head and Shoulder supports.
  • Low density padding provides little or no protection to the body.
  • Generally this type of padding is also very flammable.
  • The correct foam is a non heat sensitive high impact foam.
  • Seats must be fastened with 8 x 3/8” bolts and large flat washers – minimum.
  • Aluminium Seats should not be powder coated as this process dramatically affects the tensile strength of the Aluminium.
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