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Speedway Corporate Pass & Naming Rights Draw

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Over the last 3 seasons it has become very popular for business' to have their Christmas Staff parties or host valued clients at a Baypark Family Speedway event.

We have also been looking at novel ways to encourage business to support the great family sport of speedway.

So this is what we have come up with - a win/win for all businesses who take part in this promotion.

this is how it works

  • The cost of a Corporate Pass is $400.00 including GST
  • This entitles you to 20 adult tickets to Baypark Speedway
  • A standard adult ticket is $25.00 or $30.00 to a premium event
  • Therefore, if you choose to use all of your admissions at $25 per head events, you save $100.00. If you choose to use them all at $30 events you save $200.00
  • You can use all of your tickets at one event or spread them out over a season
  • You also recieve a VIP Car Parking Pass.

the Icing on the Cake is

  • Every Corporate Pass purchased gives your business one entry into the naming rights draw for Baypark Family Speedway for the 2017/18 speedway season.

If your company name is drawn you get

  • Your company logo on the front and back straight speedway track walls
  • Your company logo on the Baypark Family Speedway sign on State Highway 29
  • Your company logo on all posters, advertisments and progarams produced throughout the speedway season
  • In all media Baypark Family Speedway will be refered to as "Your Company Baypark Family Speedway"


Our Price : NZD $400.00 inc GST

Price may be lower due to exchange rates. Please contact us for the current price

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