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26th April 2013

Hi All, this newsletter has been a long time coming - 30 months in fact - which is far too long.

A lot has happened in the last 2 1/2 years, which I will now bring you up to speed on.

However, before I get to the old news, the latest news at Flamecrusher is our Massive Race Suit Sale which is now on. Check out the prices of our suits, boots and gloves, they have been slashed.

You may or may not have heard over the last year that Flamecrusher was looking at moving premises. This was true but I have given up on the idea. I wanted to move from our Hynds Road building which is slightly off the main road in Greerton to somewhere on Cameron Road which is the main road into the city. However it was impossible to find a suitable site that had both a large showroom as well as a big workshop area, so I have decided to stay put but refocus the business.

I have sold off the race suit manufacturing part of the business and now get our Custom or special suits made off site. This hasn't affected our stock of standard race suits, which we still have heaps of, along with our boots and gloves. The purpose of the sale is to reduce some of our suit stock. Over the last 5 or so years we have held large stock numbers of standard, single and double layer race suits as well as boots and gloves. With the focus of the business now moving more towards race and performance parts as well as race car preparation and classic car restoration, which I will tell you about shortly, it made sense to free up some space and some capital.

Our showroom has been way too small for several years now so I have decided to move this upstairs in our Hynds Road building to where the race suits used to be made. This will increase the size of the showroom by 6 times its current size, which will make it easier to negotiate and find products.

One thing is for certain though and that is, Flamecrusher will always remain as a leading player in promoting and providing products for race driver safety. That is what the brand was built on and it will remain a big part of the business.

I have also slashed the prices on our Kart suits to clear them all. These suits are not CIK approved, so cannot be used in Kartsport NZ competition, however they are perfect for dirt karts and kart hire businesses.

The Speed shop part of Flamecrusher has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. The Online Shopping Kart has proved to be a winner. We are adding new products to our website weekly so don’t forget to regularly check for these additions. Some of the new product lines that we now carry include a large range of engine parts from engine blocks to valve guide seals and most things in-between.  Our regular on line customer base covers the whole of New Zealand; we seem to be shipping out more and more parts every day. The monthly imports of parts from the USA continue to grow and with the strength of the Kiwi dollar the parts prices are coming down. Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

As mentioned previously, our workshop now not only repairs and prepares race cars for both dirt and tar seal racing but we now also repair and rebuild classic and custom V8’s. I am fortunate to have in the workshop, Adon who is unbelievably talented at sheet metal work and panel beating. His reputation for craftsmanship has resulted in us having some amazing cars through the workshop since Xmas, including a 60 Ford Thunderbird, 62 Ford Galaxy, 74 Corvette Stingray, 64 Pontiac Le Mans, 63 Chev Impala, HG GTS Monaro and a 75 Chev Comaro.

Upcoming custom work includes a full rebuild including substantial rust removal of a HG Holden Monaro, a full rebuild of a 29 Chev 4 door, including 4 linking the rear end, reversing a roof chop on a Pontiac, and rust removal and air bagging of a Chev Impala.

The mechanical side of our workshop has also been very busy with diagnosing running and tuning issues in V8’s. It’s astounds us to see what some people do when building new motors for competition or road use. A classic example of what we have found was, a cast aluminium washer holding on the bottom pulley and harmonic balancer on a $16,000 rebuild of a 383 cubic inch Chev. The centre was all but pulled through the aluminium washer when the motor was built. It was a miracle the whole lot didn’t fly off.

If you have a problem with race car set up or engine tuning give us a call, we are happy to offer advice where possible – and it’s free!

Flamecrusher were proud to be involved with the reforming of the Baypark Busters Super Stock Team this year as a sponsor. The Guys did an awesome job in all of the Teams Races that they went in and showed that they aren’t that far off being the dominant team that they were when Super stocks used to be contracted to Baypark. Next season will see the return of Super Stocks to Baypark as a registered class – I can’t wait.

As I said at the start of this Newsletter – a lot has happened here at Flamecrusher.I could continue with another 4 or 5 pages of news but that would be too much info. J  I promise that from now on I will keep you all informed on a regular basis.

Kindest regards

Bernie Gillon



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